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Singhvi Management Model

Singhvi Management Model

Free Knowledge Portal for Good Governance and Building Capabilities
Some of the aspirational questions, we come across are;
As a Government, how can we achieve Ethical and Good Governance for rapid economical and social outcomes?
As a Business Entity, how can I “Beat the Best” in an Ethical and Innovative manner?
As an Unemployed, how can I improve chances of my success in securing a job?
As an Employee, how can I get accelerated career progression at work?
As a Woman, how can I compete more effectively and earn respect for my capabilities so as to rise to the top?
As a Student, how can I Think and act like a CEO /COO?
As a Factory Worker, how can I become CEO?
Ajit Singhvi Education & Training Trust is there to help you.

1. Background
Survival of the fittest has been the order of the day, and over the years the bars are getting raised all the time. Yet, without a competitive edge, neither the products nor the services have much of a future. Given the projected excess of supply over demand for educated people, the competition for jobs will increase significantly. Living standards, and even security of a Nation, are tied to economic development which in turn depends on the ability of the people to excel in a fiercely competitive world.

Rapid and enormous changes are taking place in increasingly boundary less environment. Businesses also need further continuous and breakthrough improvements in their internal operating efficiency and achieve cut back in non value adding activities. An All Inclusive approach to providing education and job opportunities is being used.
On the other hand, competition is fierce due to excess of supply over demand for jobs the world over.
Weakest member of the society needs help. Discriminatory pay and promotion opportunities for women at work can best be addressed through enhancing their managerial capabilities. Transformation of the Enterprises is an ongoing process but requires competent people & help. In short, we need to develop game changing capabilities, particularly for the segments (our target audience) mentioned below.

Our people need to be equipped in Good Governance, both in public and private domains, and Business Excellence Concepts, Tools, Techniques with appropriate Organisation Culture and right Mindset.
We must also recognise that many segments in our society have financial constraints in securing requisite knowledge and support for skill development from World’s first rated Institutions. Nor, many can afford to spare long periods of presence in class rooms. Yet, we need to prepare them for a level playing field for social harmony and progress.

2. Our Aims
Ajit Singhvi Education and Training Trust (ASET Trust) will aim to help the target audience achieve accelerated improvement in their abilities to manage the common Ms (Men/Women, Material, Machines, Methods, Money and Markets) so that the Outcomes (Products & Services) are Globally Competitive and generate sustainable returns to stakeholders in an ethical & responsible manner. We shall aim to make available most of the knowledge modules in a simple manner either Free or on Pay What You Can basis (PWYC) basis.
We shall aim to get our training delivered by competent people willing to share their knowledge at minimal costs. Besides upgrading of managerial capabilities, the Six Zero Modules will help in conserving Earth’s resources through focus on Zero Waste, Zero Pollution, Zero Breakdowns and Zero Reworks, be it in offices or in factories.

3. Our Belief
We believe that each person has a potential which can be realized in full if supported with adequate training in the art of implementing WCM (World Class Management, World Class Manufacturing and World Class Marketing). We believe that availability of free and concessional knowledge acquisition and skill building opportunities will help in creating a balanced work force towards rapid and peaceful development of the nation

4. Expected Outcomes
The segments, we have in mind and the expected outcomes are:
Unemployed: Able to compete more effectively in the job market.
Women: Able to achieve better pay and promotion opportunities as Productive members of today’s teams and as mother of tomorrow’s Leaders and Managers.
Children (the future of our Nation): More competent and competitive.
People with inadequate means: Able to acquire knowledge by paying nominal amounts or nothing.
Businesses: Ability to face with competence and confidence the ever changing business conditions in which to succeed.
Government: Ability to implement Good Ethical Governance at all levels in the years to come.

5. About the Trust
We are a non profit charitable Trust by the name of Ajit Singhvi Education & Training Trust. The Trust derives its main support from its founder, Dr Ajit Singhvi

6. What We Offer
Trust offers following Management Capability Building Modules Foundation Block (CBFB), Functional Blocks (CBFC), Strategic Block (CBSB) and Good Ethical Governance Block (CBGEGB)
The Modules will simplify the Knowledge Acquisition Process (SKAP), and Compress the Time in Knowledge Delivery (CTKD) Above will be supported by Training Seminars, Workshops & Lectures at different locations.
Trust will also endeavor to fund a Professorial Chair on the subject of Good Governance and Business Excellence at a premier Institution.
Funding of Awards and Prizes at Professional Institutes to support weaker sections of the Society shall be arranged.

7. Outcomes & Benefits
Making People more Employable will be one of the outcomes. Improve chances of Success and Promotions and making people more productive will be another outcome. Eliminating Waste & Improving Quality will help in conserving Earth’s Resources too.

8. Fee: Pay What You Can (PWYC)
There are no mandatory costs to pay – Pay What You Can.

9. Donations
Well meaning individuals and institutions are invited to extend a helping in funding and delivering knowledge and techniques for assisting its target audience in achieving superior performance towards enhancing Nation’s Competitiveness. Donations will be eligible for relief under Indian Income Tax Act.