International Readers’ Comments

1. ”…..For those who are not fortunate to get admitted to management colleges a
comprehensive compendium of management knowledge as presented in this book will
be of immense help. One can study at one’s own pace and acquire the knowledge
which is so essential. Authors have put in this book their knowledge and expertise
acquired over forty years in positions of leadership in different economic and business
contexts. So this book is not theory but a well-compiled experience from the actual
business. It will make an excellent compendium for Managers…..”Ramesh Daga, Past
Chairman ALSTOM INDIA Ltd.

2.”….. the book with interesting illustrations cover all the areas of management
necessary for a junior executive to the top executive. It is a good read for the starters
and the experts. ….I am happy he has included Services Management which is
important for us…..” N. Casimir Raj SJ, Executive Director, Joseph Institute of
Management. India

3. “…..This great collection of knowledge and experience will make a way in becoming
a legendary impactful business leader. I haven’t come across one single compilation
as comprehensive as this one…..” Amit Kasliwal, Life Transformation Guru ~
Leadership Coach, India

4.”…. a comprehensive and compendium This book mainly aims as a one-stop
resource for students, educators, and professionals for a successful faster and
efficient career prospects. The book is well-referenced, covering all aspects of
entrepreneurship in detailed. Each chapter is filled with colorful illustrations
and flowcharts that brings life into what is considered to be a dull subject…..” Chui
Lolly, Nagaland, India

5.”…..the book provides the blueprints to become a successful manager and leader in
a complex and volatile world. This insightful publication is like a loyal companion that
will help find your way to achieve your professional goals……” Samira and Daniel
Charbonnier, Lausanne,Switzerland

6.”…. Working 21 years in an international business environment and having the
position of business development taught me a lot that took years and years to learn.
Your book is like a hub of knowledge that facilitates what I learned throughout the
years in just a couple of days. God bless the wonderful ideas that enrich our
knowledge with the minimalist effort so that more time saved in execution…..” Mirette
Medhat, Cairo, Egypt

7.”….. school graduates can read so that it becomes a “work guide dictionary” that
can make work faster & directed…the topics discussed are very comprehensive in
order to obtain the knowledge needed for successful managerial work in
Indonesia. It’s easy to read and understand the subject. Will help in women’s
intellectual empowerment too….”Danna Anggia Yovi, SE, Jakarata, Indonesia

8.”….your book will be a powerful tool in every professional’s hand and will save many
hours of searching on the internet and reading many useless pages. What I really like
about each topic is that it is short, comprehensive and straightforward….”Judith Bandi,
Budapest, Hungary

9.“…..Содержание книги очень всеобъемлющее. Книга проста и легко осваемая.
Это, безусловно, будет полезно для студентов во всем мире. Я желаю Аджиту
Сингхви и Сапта Шилу всего наилучшего в дальнейшем распространении этой
книги студентам и профессионалам. Жума Нияз Штутгарт…..” Zuma Niyaz,

10.”…. Congratulations on this book release!🎉 As a student of a young age i am
excited and will look forward to reading the book and learning more about the art and
science of managing our resources for the good of our planet and has also inspired
me to look into entrepreneurs more and find out how they work….”. ,Andreea
Valentina Bodnari, Romania,

11. “….The overall holistic approach developed in the book would enable developing
managers to capitalize on this experience and apply many well-known and new
strategic theorems to practical evolving situations that arise in most businesses. The
book provides guidance and direction to be applied in most envisaged strategic
contexts and I would recommend it as working reference for any aspiring
manager….”Alex Hayes, Business Owner, United Kingdom

12.”…. Fast track of Students of any discipline to Managerial and CEO roles As a self
taught person, Self employed both in manufacturing and Financial & Insurance
industries.for the last Forty Five years, I had to learn the hard way by trial and
error,and hard work. With hindsight. I wish your new book had been available during
those years. The knowledge you present to the readers, with the Diagrams etc makes
it easy to read for and any potential manager or Students. I know it will be a success,
and will continue to read and absorb the information within….”John F Kennedy ,
United Kingdom

13.”….this book is a wonderful guide, which step-by-step shows us the path of the
process from start to finish. Written in a simple and yet clear way, supplemented with
illustrations, it is a great way to learn matter more accessible way. As a professional in
my work with human resources, I offer admirations for Dr. Singhvi and Mr Sapta Sheel
for the comprehensive and useful book….”Mariyana Kiryakova , Varna, Bulgaria

14.”…. In my regular visits to the library, I often see a large book titled Human
Anatomy and Physiology. I cannot resist turning its pages to see all the colorful
illustrations of various organs in our bodies and how they are interconnected to make
this incredible machine work. It is fascinating. Dr. Singhvi’s book has done the same
thing with the functioning of a business enterprise. It dissects, describes, and
illustrates with colorful diagrams of how a high performance business organization
works. It is comprehensive, schematic and loaded with examples of modern business
processes. This book is an encyclopedia of knowledge of efficient and effective
business management. It can be your true companion during your journey in the
business world.-,,” Govind Agrawal, former. V.P. Worldwide Business Development &
Strategic Alliances, GlaxoSmithKline, plc, UK/ USA